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Another Failure…what’s next?

So I just found out that i got suspended out of my college. I thought my independence was right around the corner, it is true what people say, do not things for granted. Then when you don’t have it you will really regret it. I did not have a plan B and i am rushing to sketch up something so see where my path is going. I am really dumbfounded, extremely. I didn’t want to see myself like this. I don’t want to continue like this. Something has to change, something will change. I will make it happen. I need to make it happen I believe my failures are ways of awakening me from my slumber, of serving others. I do not think of myself. I need to use this as an excuse to make my happiness come to me. I am done waiting and suffering a life i don’t like. I am not happy with the way things are going. I am done with this, I am done putting others before me and exchanging dreams and hopes with myself, and others, yet nobody helps me because they themselves can’t. I will overcome this. I will end up somewhere that makes me happy, i need to smile love and live!. Right now I am on my knees but my¬†pedestal is building built where i will stand and enjoy my hardships and hard work. I will succeed! Trust me I will.¬†

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